About Phil Baines

I work as a Web & Software Developer.

I’ve been working in Web Development since 2002 and in that time I have become proficient in using both front-end and back-end technologies.

Back in 2002 I started using HTML 4, in-line CSS, and crude DHTML scripts for front-end implementation - but quickly moved onto table-less XHTML using separated CSS and writing my own JavaScript. I have since developed a deeper understanding of CSS (and the many cross-browser implementation differences) and my ability with JavaScript has also improved (using Object-Orientated techniques in JavaScript).

Similarly with back-end development I started off using classic ASP/VBScript using simple databases (such as MS Access) but as my knowledge has improved I’ve learnt to use better technologies such as ASP.NET (both VB and C#) using MS SQL and MySQL databases.

In the last few years I have mostly been applying my skills in Software development. I’ve developed complete CMS and e-Commerce systems, online booking systems, B2B document sharing systems and other types of web applications, software clients, web services, software libraries and so on.

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