Madelyn Baines, ESL Teacher

About Me

I live in Wales, on the west coast of the UK. I am a native UK resident with a neutral British English accent. To hear my accent watch my introductory video.

I enjoy long-distance running, taking walks on the beach, watercolour painting and spending time with friends and family.

I have learned Welsh as a second language; I love Welsh culture, heritage and, of course, the people. I am an experienced public speaker with lots of tips to help you be the best version of yourself when giving presentations or demonstrations (getting your nerves under control, how to make the best use of notes, dealing with interruptions, etc.).

I've been involved in one-to-one teaching for over 12 years.

During this time I have taught students how to improve their lives by learning how to express themselves and resolve differences by applying positive principles. I've found this to be very fulfilling work and I love to use the skills I've gained to make learning English fun and rewarding.

My Teaching Style

I believe it's really important to encourage involvement in conversation right away. Praise, patience and practice - these are the secrets to learning a language. We all learn in different ways and at different speeds; I will always take this into consideration and make myself adaptable to fit your needs. It's important to have fun while learning; when we smile and enjoy a task it is more likely to stay in our mind and we'll be motivated to put what we've learned into practice. Trying to use new words and phrases at every opportunity builds confidence which leads to more practice which leads naturally to fluency.


Here are some testimonials from some past (and current!) students:

"As an advanced English student I cannot praise Madelyn highly enough for her professional teaching skills. Her lessons are both fun and effective, and she demonstrates patience and respectful guidance throughout. Even [though] she is able to manage lesson time efficiently, she is always open to discuss my questions and clarify my doubts in a flexible manner."
~ Elio

"Madelyn has been really lovely throughout the lesson. She knows what she is talking about in terms of pronunciation and speaking skills. Considering this is what I want to focus on, I would definitely recommend her 100%"
~ Alyzee

"Madelyn is a great teacher. She is passionate about teaching She is passionate about teaching English, always has a smile on her face and creates a cheerful atmosphere, which makes me enjoy our conversations. Above all, she loves her native country Wales, and through her explanations about Wales, you will definitely love Wales too."
~ Yumi

"Madelyn always gives me a very precise and clear explanation. She told me tips for summarizing articles this time and it's very useful. I always enjoy talking with her and learn a lot from her lessons."
~ Hiroo